What is our CAUSE?

We are working to build a team of talented people with skills in computer animation, filmmaking, storytelling, and spectacular special effects software…….to produce useful videos for children that are BOTH Entertaining and Educational.

The dream, is to build hundreds of Kids Fun Films. While producing these short films, one important goal, whenever possible, is to include storylines for children that display……Acts of kindness, very important values, and good old-fashioned human courtesies and ethics. You know, the stuff that seems to be getting a little harder to find each day, as one searches through dozens upon dozens of channels most commonly available to the average home.

Watching good examples of human behavior, helps any child to feel more secure and self confident about themselves, their future, and the people around them. Good stuff to watch is important, especially today, with so much negative behavior in movies, TV and video games displaying…… just the opposite.



Coming soon……For those who may be feeling a little bit generous this month, our non-profit page will soon be adding in a “donate button”, for anyone who is interested in making a donation to our non-profit program. Kids Fun Films operates free training programs in filmmaking, video editing and computer animation, while producing educational films for children. Our programs are currently available to career-minded young adults, interested in the art of educational filmmaking and storytelling for young children.

For more information please contact us at……

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